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Story of Engel

     It’s 1882 in the Holy City, where a beloved handmade Christmas angel named Engel has been safely stored year after year in the prominent Witte family's attic. When a newly purchased, modern, factory-made angel with feathered wings is placed at the top of the tree, Engel's chance of reaching the top seems hopeless. So she decides to make a last-minute wish for real wings. Unfortunately, through an ironic twist of fate, the little ornament is unwittingly discarded into Charleston harbor.

Lost at sea, 
Unequiped to find her way home, Engel's fate will be determined by a delightful and sometimes terrifying cast of Lowcountry creatures inspired by local historical figures. Mentored by the likes of Francis Marion, Eliza Pinckney, and Quash Stevens, the little angel will learn to survive “according to nature” by identifying her strengths and eliminating her fears with empathy and courage. But it will take trying to save a nest of baby sea turtles during a hurricane for Engel to find her higher purpose and 
 the secret of the wings.

For Teachers and Lifetime Learners

This book is meant to be read aloud. I wrote this story in twenty-three tiny chapters to encourage teachers, grandparents, and parents to engage with the colorful characters without feeling the need to race to the finish. Engel's story is more than a plot; it's an intimate conversation, a fascinating observation, and a vehicle for learning no matter how old you are. Use the FunFacts pages of this website site to learn about Engel's real world, the Witte family, the dolphins, the alligators, and so much more.  I invite you to settle in for some magical coziness that will enrich generations to come. 

Cindy Andrews 

It all started with a little handmade doll

who bravely discovered the greatest treasures in the world.....are all around us. 

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Fun Facts about Engel's friends

I DARE you to click on the crab

That's the spark that led Cindy to write and illustrate Engel.

Fascinated (and a bit obsessed) with history, art, and nature, Cindy drew on her years of Lowcountry living and numerous years as a teacher to bring this story to life. 

When not writing, teaching or creating beautiful artwork, Cindy roams cobblestone streets, tests global recipes, kayaks on endless estuaries and seeks adventure with her amazing grandchildren. 


Cindy's work has been described as"timeless storytelling," "nature encapsulated in history and heart" and a poetic style of writing that stays with you long after the cover is closed."

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Click on the Dragonlet

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 Signed by the author

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