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Fun Facts by Chapter

Engel on tree.png

A Christmas Wish

Major cut out copy.png

The Major

ladies in ballgowns copy.png

This Year Is Going

To Be Different

duke climbing trellis_edited.png

The Pirate

A New Kind of Angel

dark angel-1.png

Tippy To The Rescue

Tippy for the website2 .png

Watching Over An Angel

engel falling website copy.png

Colonel Marion

Francis Marion for website-2.png

The Ugliest Monster

baby aligator website_edited.png
dragonlet website copy..png

Damsel and the Jelly Maidens

bee and flower website psd.png

Finding a Purpose

mother website copy.png

The Mother Sea Turtle

baby turtle for website copy_edited.png

The Best-Laid Plans

heron for websitecopy_edited_edited.png

I Am The Great Blue Heron

hurricane for website_edited.png

It's A Hurricane

Beatrice with E website 2 copy.png

The Secret of the Wings

Quash flagpole website copy 2_edited_edi

A Thin Line

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