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Fun Facts by Chapter

Chapter One

Engel on tree.png

A Christmas Wish

Chapter Four

Major cut out copy.png

The Major

Chapter Two

ladies in ballgowns copy.png

This Year Is Going To Be Different

Chapter Five

santa and the sleigh.png


Chapter Three

Beatrice for website 2.png


Chapter Six

duke climbing trellis_edited.png

The Pirate

A New Kind of Angel

dark angel-1.png

Chapter Seven


aleeza for website.png

Chapter Ten

Tippy To The Rescue

Tippy for the website2 .png

Chapter Eight

Watching Over An Angel

engel falling website copy.png

Chapter Eleven

Colonel Marion

Francis Marion for website-2.png

Chapter Nine

The Ugliest Monster

baby aligator website_edited.png

Chapter Twelve

dragonlet website copy..png

Chapter Thirteen

Damsel and the Jelly Maidens

wide hermit copy_edited.png

Chapter Sixteenteen

My Cup

Quash for website_edited_edited_edited_e

Chapter Fourteen


bee and flower website psd.png

Chapter Seventeen

Finding a Purpose

welk shell for website.png

Chapter Fifteen


mother website copy.png

Chapter Eighteen

The Mother Sea Turtle

baby turtle for website copy_edited.png

Chapter Nineteen

The Best-Laid Plans

heron for websitecopy_edited_edited.png

Chapter Twenty-Two

I Am The Great Blue Heron

hurricane for website_edited.png

Chapter Twenty

It's A Hurricane

Beatrice with E website 2 copy.png

Chapter Twenty-Three

The Secret of the Wings

Quash flagpole website copy 2_edited_edi

Chapter Twenty-One

A Thin Line

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